Water Supply

Permanent provision of drinking water is the first step to improve the living conditions of people in their direct environment. According to the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) more than one billion people in low and middle-income countries lack access to safe water for drinking, personal hygiene and domestic use. These numbers represent more than 20% of the world’s people

SRP Albanian Engineering LLC wishes to contribute towards the improvement of this situation and offers its services related to Water Supply in the following fields of expertise:

  • Basic investigations / water analyses
  • Development of well field areas and other water sources
  • Water treatment
  • Pumping stations and reservoirs
  • Transmission mains
  • Water distribution network (from primary network to house connections)
  • Water loss reduction programmes

SRP AE puts great emphasis on a complete and detailed investigation of the present conditions at site before taking any further step in the project execution. A careful review of existing documents and assessment of design criteria (e.g. population forecast, water demand, local and international regulations and codes, etc.) is prepared and this forms the basis for successful project implementation. Precise determination of new and/or existing water sources is necessary to secure sustainable and safe water supply of the relevant people.

The measures required for water treatment depend on the water source, the consistency of the raw water and other conditions such as climate, etc. Appropriate solutions are defined to guarantee a safe, healthy and sustainable provision of drinking water to the public.

The existing network facilities are analysed and this leads to the defining of rehabilitation measures as well as proposals for the extension of the network and related facilities. Results of surveying, leak detection/loss reduction programme, detailed hydro-geological and geotechnical investigations provide our engineers with the necessary information to determine relevant measures. Proprietary modelling software packages are used for final dimensioning of the network. Hydraulic modelling applies from the water source, via the treatment plant unit, pumping stations and transmission mains and reservoirs into the primary network right down to the tertiary network and house connections.

Our Portfolio on Water Supply

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