Project Title: Detailed Design for the Water Supply Systems for Berat Municipaly


Project Location Project Budget SRPAE Share Involved Staff
Berat 4 000 000,00 63 % 8
Employer Name Fund Source Start-End Date Partner
SH.A.U.K Berat Kuçove SH.A.U.K Berat Kuçove 09/2020 - 11/2020 “47EK79 & ILIRIADA P.K.S“shpk & “HYDROWATER-ALBANIA” shpk
Project Description

Berat is located in the south of the country, 120 km south of Tirana. The municipality of Berat was reformed at the 2015 local government reform by the merger of the former municipalities Berat, Otllak, Roshnik, Sinjë and Velabisht, that became administrative units. This project is divided into four different territorial areas of the Municipality of Berat, respectively Lapardha 1, Orizaj and Otllak, part of the Otllak administrative unit, Duhanas village, part of the Velabisht administrative unit and Informal Zone in the city of Berat. The measures of this project shall contribute to the sustainable development of the villages by improving the living conditions of the population and reducing health risk of inhabitants and visitors on a medium and long-term perspective. Project Implementation consists of: Technical Report; Technical Specifications; BoQ; Cost Estimation;Technical Drawings; Environmental Impact Assessment Report.

In the scope of the project “WATER SUPPLY DESIGN, BERAT MUNICIPALITY,” Consultant considered the implementation design for:

  • Design of water supply system of Lapardha 1 village, Otllak administrative unit with direct supply by gravity from a new main transmission DN200 length 1500 m, the distribution via secondary line about 2388 m, tertiary line about 4704 m, pipe line length for house connection 3143m and number of house connections 420.
  • Design of water supply system of Duhanas village, Velabisht administrative unit. The village is divided into 2 pressure zones due to the high difference of elevations. Water comes from the connection point with a new transmission pipeline HDPE DN 110 mm PN 16 with a length of 3381m and goes to the new Reservoir V = 200m³ in an elevation180m. Zone 1 (upper part of the village) is supplied through a booster pump with Q = 4.2 l / s and H = 52 m with a distribution pipeline HDPE DN 90 mm PN. Zone 2 (lower part of the village) is supplied directly by the new reservoir with gravity by pipeline HDPE DN 140mm PN 10. The distribution via secondary line about 4105 m, tertiary line about 5264 m, number of house connections 540.
  • Design of water distribution network Orizaj-Otllak villages, Otllak administrative unit with water supply from the new pipeline DN200 of Kombinat. For distribution lines are proposed three new valve chambers and secondary line about 666 m, tertiary line about 8929 m, pipe line length for house connection 8929m number of house connections 419.
  • Informal Zone in the city of Berat is separated in two zones. In the zone 1 some segments of existing pipe will be replaced and connect to the existing feeder line. Part of this feeder line will be renewed in a length of 360m, secondary line 1606m, tertiary line 3,626m and pipe line length for house connection 350m. To supply the Informal Zone 2 is a nodal point with the respective valve chamber and a new pipeline DN 90mm. The secondary line 241m, tertiary line 2552m and pipe line length for house connection 221m.

The new transmission Line – The result of the analysis showed that the connection point of the villages Lapardha 1, Otllak and Orizaj could not be supplied as proposed in the design tasks. Therefore, it is proposed as an additional measure to build a new transmission line with connection points to the existing DN200 pipeline of the “Ushqimore”. This pipeline will have a total length of 2638m, with diameter DE225 L = 1526m and DE200 L = 1112m.

Services Provided by the consultand

SRP Albanian Engineering is responsible for the design of the water supply measures. The Detailed Design contains all the required documentation, reports and any other information essential to carry out the construction of the water supply network in accordance with the basic design.
Specific services offered:
o Preparation of hydraulic models, relevant calculations for all water supply systems;
o Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment;
o Preparation of structural calculations and structural reports for all components included in the project;
o Preparation of detailed drawings for the works described above;
o Preparation of cost estimates, for the proposed measures according to detailed design;
o Topographical Survey; Geological Survey and Report.