Information Technology

1. GIS Services

Cover your business needs with geospatial data

The geographical approach to data management is transforming the way organizations operate. The retail, utilities, healthcare, transportation, and financial sectors are already exploiting the benefits of geospatial data and mapping solutions. Accurate geographic information systems (GIS) allow organizations to gather and spatially interpret their environmental data, analyze markets, and optimize business operations. At SRP-AE, we provide our clients with a wide range of GIS services, including GIS-based digital maps, visualizations, and consulting services to help them get the most out of the spatial data at their disposal when planning logistics, networks, facilities, and geographic terrain.

Our GIS services

SRP-AE expertise in GIS and a wide range of digital mapping services allows us to provide sophisticated and customized GIS mapping services and solutions to any kind of business or government agency. We help organizations of all shapes and sizes build and optimize spatial data infrastructures that meet their most challenging business needs, such as eliminating miscommunication between departments and improving facility management. Our dedicated experts provide decision-makers with rich analytics and comprehensive visualizations for planning future operations and networks.

2. Web Development

Your big ideas deserve equally exciting solutions.

Building a website is like building a house. A novice can only slap a few bricks with wood to create a house like structure that would lack in ambiance, comfort and safety. However, an expert contractor or builder will provide you with a rock solid structure complete with all the amenities, built under expert guidance and strict safety norms. Similarly, our web development team can create breath-taking designs to infuse life into your brand. Our designs are truly professional, which follow strict web standards and security norms.

3. Hosting

We believe in your right to put your ideas online.

Such service is linked to the above services. Hosting is necessary for your GIS Services or your website.

4. Computer and Network management