About Us

SRP Albanian Engineering is an Albanian company founded in 2018, owned from a German company “SRP Schneider & Partner Ingenieur-Consult GmbH”, founded in 1969.

Head office of SRP-AE and the main engineering capacity are located in Tirana, Albania.

SRP Albanian Engineering Information

  • Subject Name: SRP Albanian Engineering
  • Address : St. Tom Plezha, Pll Klensi, Ent.4, Fl.1, Ap.2, Yzberisht, Tirane, Albania
  • NUIS : L81728013G
  • Email: info@srp-ae.com
  • Mob: +355 48 272 528

Organization of Company

SRP-AE is organized in technical operation department and economical sector. Sub-units of specialists of each department have a team leader. Company staff consists of 30 employees, and including the associated companies involves more than 500 people.

In additional, the company has access to a wide range of external consulting specialists in all areas of engineering consultancy.

The Purpose

Our goal is to serve our clients to the highest standards, working with creativity and an open mind towards innovative solutions, always fulfilling our tasks successfully and professionally.

Mission statement

To build long-term relationships with our customers by providing high quality services through technology and innovation.

The foundation of Values

  • We rely on our Partners and treat them with respect and honesty.
  • We grow through creativity, discoveries and innovation.
  • We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business operation.


Regional extension in our service areas and development of a strong base with our clients. Increase company assets and investment to meet service development requirements.

Build a good reputation in the fields of Civil Engineering and Information Technology to become a leader in this industry.

Company Activities

SRP Albania offers all services in all areas of Engineering consulting; Infrastructure, Civil Works, Information Technology etc. For more about our services visit the  SERVICES section