Project Title: Detailed Design for the Water Supply Systems for Villages Vajzë, Ramicë, Velçë, Treblovë- Selenica Municipality


Project Location Project Budget SRPAE Share Involved Staff
Selenice, Vlore 1 500 000,00 50 % 6
Employer Name Fund Source Start-End Date Partner
Sh.A. Ujësjellës Kanalizime Selenice AKUM 03/2021 - 04/2021 “HYDROWATER-ALBANIA” shpk
Project Description

This project is an investment of Selenica UK, to improve living conditions and increase the quality of service in the villages of Vajza, Ramica, Velca, Treblovo, part of Selenica municipality.

The Consulting Service includes the following tasks:

  1. Analysis of the existing situation,
  2. Preliminary project idea,
  3. Final Conceptual design.
  4. Detailed Design

The aim of this project is:

  • Meeting the water demand of all residents provided in the project.
  • Meeting water needs for other customers (businesses, schools, animals, health center).

Residents of the project areas will have a 24 hours water supply thus covering their need according to the norm set out in the project.

The hydraulic analysis includes water demands for other customers by meeting their requirements with this new water supply system.

Services Provided by the consultand

SRP Albanian Engineering is responsible for the design of the water supply measures. The Detailed Design contains all the required documentation, reports and any other information essential to carry out the construction of the water supply network in accordance with the basic design.

Specific services offered:
• Geological Survey and Report.
• Preparation of hydraulic models, relevant calculations for all water supply systems;
• Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment;
• Preparation of structural calculations and structural reports for all components included in the project;
• Preparation of detailed drawings for the works described above;
• Preparation of cost estimates, for the proposed measures according to detailed design;
• Topographical Survey;
• Geological Survey and Report.