Project Title: Detail Design for Elster Bridge


Project Location Project Budget SRPAE Share Involved Staff
Germany - % 2
Employer Name Fund Source Start-End Date Partner
SRP Schneider & Partner 08/2018 - 11/2018
Project Description

The Elster Bridge crosses the Weiss Elster River and is located in Rüssdorf, part of the municipality of Mohlsdorf-Teichwolframsdorf in Germany. It is a part of the secondary interurban road which connects Waltersdorf with Rüssdorf.

The Elster Bridge is of reinforced concrete, 61.2m long and 5.5m wide. There are three spans, the main span is 25m long and the two anchor spans are 18.1m long.

The substructure consists of two “U” shape abutments, supported on 4 piles with diameter 1.2m and 4m long, as well as 2 reinforced concrete piers of reinforced concrete about 8.5m high, supported on 2 piles of 1.2m with diameter and long 4m.

The superstructure consists of three reinforced concrete prestressed girders, full-section, 5.5m wide and 1.3m high.

Services Provided by the consultand

SRP Albanian Engineering is responsible for the design of the Implementation Project in full accordance with German Design Standards-Euro Codes. The detailed Elster Bridge design contains all the required information for the Contractor to conduct the civil works. The Implementation Project contains as-built, documentation, reports and any other information essential to carry out the construction of the structure in accordance with the basic design.

Specific services offered:

  • Preparation of the design technical documentation, including engineering calculations and verifications of the structure and its technical reports;
  • Preparation of graphic design material, including Design Implementation Reinforcement Molding Plans, detailed plans of bridge structural element reinforcement.