Project Title: Freimann Innovation Campus


Project Location Project Budget SRPAE Share Involved Staff
Munich, Germany - % 5
Employer Name Fund Source Start-End Date Partner
BPR Dr. Schapertons Consult 11/2019 - 01/2020
Project Description

In an area rich in traditions, in the Freimann section of Munich, a complex with 4 buildings is being built. Each of them has reinforced concrete structure, seven floors above the ground, with a floor area of about 50,000 m2. The four buildings are connected to each other by a common 2-storey underground parking, about 32,000 m2. This complex will serve as an innovation center and research center for young scientists.

Services Provided by the consultand

SRP Albanian Engineering is responsible for drafting the Implementation Project for the Freimann Innovation Campus, in full compliance with German Design Standards and Eurocodes.
The detailed design of the complex contains all the necessary information for the Contractor who will carry out the civil works.
Specific services offered:
Preparation of the implementation project includes:
• static calculations of structures and associated reports;
• detailed plans of the reinforcement formwork of the implementation project;
• detailed plans of reinforcement of structural elements of buildings.