Project Title: E4 “Förbifart Stockholm” City Bypass; Hjulsta Södra Interchange, Sweden


Project Location Project Budget SRPAE Share Involved Staff
Stockholm, Sweden 76 000 000,00 35 % 3
Employer Name Fund Source Start-End Date Partner
SRP Scheider & Partner 05/2018 - 01/2019
Project Description

In the scope of the project “Förbifart Stockholm” a new 3-lane motorway is constructed, which connects North and South of Sweden’s capital Stockholm.
At a length of 1 km, the Hjulsta Södra creates an interchange, which includes two main bridges, two ramp bridges, three slab bridges and retaining walls.
The intersection is part of the Stockholm city bypass, which connects the southern part of the city and north with a new 3-lane motorway in each direction.
The section Hjulsta Södra includes the design of the following structures:

    • Construction of two box girder main bridges each with a width of 16.00 / 15.15 m and a length of 629 m
    • Construction of two ramp bridges each with variable width 8.65 – 12 m and length of 214 m / 260 m
    • Construction three slab bridges with widths of 25 m / 15 m / 8.5 m and length of 70 m
    • Construction of Retaining walls with a total length of 220 m

Structures present a specific challenge in planning and on the site.
The bridges cross the E18 motorway including the regional transport network, the Mälarbanan railway line, which will be extended by two to four trails during the construction period.

Services Provided by the consultand

SRP Albanian Engineering is responsible for the design of the Artwork Implementation Project that is part of the Hjulsta Södra Intersection in full accordance with Design Standards-Euro Codes. The detailed Bridge design contains all the required information for the Contractor to conduct the civil works. The Implementation Project contains as-built, documentation, reports and any other information essential to carry out the construction of the structure in accordance with the basic design.

Specific services offered:

  • Preparation of the design technical documentation, including engineering calculations and verifications of the structure and its technical reports;
  • Preparation of design graphic material, including Design Implementation Reinforcement Molding Plans, detailed plans of bridge structural element reinforcement.